2015_07_21  Cloudy ,not so cold? Am I obsessed with temperature these days?

Ok just fooling around and thinking about what I need to do with these projects. Of course I will concentrate on back drops, but I also need to work on the Depot module, at some time, particularly as most of the materials are coming together.

Backdrops?  Got a part order of 4 drops. I set one up to get an idea how it might look. Pretty pleased actually :)

Pretty happy with that.

Then I started playing around with the round house. Fits well enough. Its an "off the shelf" model after all :)

Although the five roads in the shed line up if I move the shed out this far, it creates problems with where the old shed was set up. Particularly the road this side of the closest wall. Moving the shed in closer is not an option, so looks as if in fact I might have to remove all the shed roads and start again.
Its not easy reusing existing bits in your model empire. Its closely aligned with DCC uses only two wires. You expect using something like this will save you time, but not so. I  now think it is always easier to start over fresh. 


  1. The back drop looks very good Rod. If I recall your earlier post, it was from an overseas supplier, so I was wondering if it was of an Australian location? It certainly looks like it is.

    With the roundhouse roads, it looks like the track angles aren't quite the same as the roundhouse stalls. The track looks like the thing to change, but maybe just redo the outer roads?

    1. Hate the changes with these things. Post lost AGAIN!!
      Hey David,
      English backdrops. I took a lot of pictures and worked hard to produce my own. Unfortunately the amount of work and the cost of transferring it to paper just beat me. I would never use Peco type drops, but these are pretty good, aren't they?
      The shed kinda beat me, I thought the roads would just align, as both sheds were scale models (The old one was too damaged to reuse) Anyway remove one road, and rebuild the pits and walkways so the shed can sit back a little, probably the easiest fix :)


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