2015_11_25 Installing DCC continues

2015_11_25   Only got one loco done yesterday.

So its back into the B Class project :)
Yesterday I prepared all 4 B Class for sound and only needed to connect up  the wires. The easy part, so I thought..
I started on the first engine in line and connected up all the lights, then the motor and finally the bogies. When I tested the engine the sound and the lights all worked, however the Loco would not move. As I started checking wires , I found that the grey wire to the motor had a bad solder joint and was only held together with shrink tube. So I rejoined it and placed it on the track to see if it was fixed.  The sound started but as soon as the Loco tried to move, a direct short occurred. After starting to test for the short, I ran out of time and finished for the day.
A few minutes ago I was about to head out into the shed when I noticed that Eugene had posted on my blog about how the wiring was reversed on the bogies.
Thank you Eugene. You just saved me a heap of time. Now I will reverse those wires and see how it goes. I also noticed that Auscision have not used any standard wiring for their lighting circuits either.
More Later,
Rod Young

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  1. Shades of old early models from the SDK wonder if the Auscision factory employ the old SDK electronic engineer?


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