2015_07_10 At Bendigo

2015_07_10   Resting on way to Stawell Exhibition

Already blown the Bank at PCB Hobbies Bendigo Thank you Geoffrey :)
Found a few kits to help build the Shell Agents off Osbourne Street
Got another 3 SDS Centurion tanks on flats to complete my military train.

And bit the bullet and ordered a set of 15" high Back scenes from ID


click on

Bought 7 sheets That's 70 feet for !25 pounds air freight paid.  Hope they look as good as pictured ;)

Contents: Length 10 feet in 2 sections x 15 inches high - making one continuous backscene
All 4 packs of series 207 can be used in order to make a continuous 40 feet long backscene (Packs A-B-C-D)
Shot by a professional photographer and printed to a high standard on 160 gsm heavyweight paper, these backscenes add depth and detail to any layout.

Cheers Rod


  1. Rod

    Sent you an email about them. Don't believe the speel they are on photo paper, as you will find out when puting them up.

    I used them on my layout & there are some tricks with them, & I like them when finished.


  2. Thanks Col. Got your email. I will write it up with your advice after we start to install them.


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