2015_07_11 Stawell

Had a very pleasant drive with Tony from Bendigo to Stawell. Navman took us the shortest route and we traveled on mainly good rural roads and saw perhaps 5 other cars the whole way once we left Bendigo.  Came home the quickest route via main roads and again time was about the same, roads good and traffic minimal. Finished up headed home after a short stay in Bendigo, as Tony was thinking about traveling down to Diamond Valley early for Sunday.

Asks my good friend Brian Chester to help my other good friend Graeme out as we had a Trainbuilder problem. Although Bruce could have sent the model back to China, we decided on a quick fix there and now, which Brian was more than happy to do for us.
Rather than supaglue it, Brian spent an hour and a half scraping all the super glue off so he could low melt solder it back together. I am talking about the Derm bogies that simply fell apart whilst we all tried to fix up a wiring problem.  Thankyou Brian.
And Graeme, Brian is telling you here "You owe me big Time Mister!"

 The shirt says it all :D

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  1. Hey I forgot to thank the "Insiders" You know who you are :)
    Got an email asking me why part of the shed was missing the roof? Well its pretty easy, to explain actually.
    Stuart ran out of tin :D
    No actually in my scenario Wodonga had a turntable for many years and so a roundhouse was added to service steam. Again my scenario, finds Australia without any oil (Bass Straight just didn't happen) And although the Railways desperately wanted to convert to Diesels, they were limited in what they could build because our overseas reserves were depleted after the second World War. Thus steam stayed operational into the late 70's even some branch lines running steam into the mid 80's. Now with mixed steam and diesel operations at Wodonga, it was found that the Diesels minor servicing was smoking up the shed. So they removed the iron from the front of the shed in the Diesel roads. Minor servicing was carried out in the front under the sky with engines running. Major work was carried out at the rear of the shed under cover with the engines shut down. Plus of course I get to plonk plenty of Kerroby pewter tools around the exposed work bench, don't I? :)


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