2016_01_04 Happy New Year!!

2016_01_04   Visitors gone and the weather is cool, and each day I build a little more :)

Well lets see if the saw still works!  Aha Makita works every time ;)

Son came for a visit over Christmas, and showed me how to line the wall.

The wall had a power point which will need to be moved to the new plaster wall. So extra upright was required.

So now its my turn. Dale had cut up another wall section, so I started to put that one together.

So the next two sections were cut up and nailed together to get the firsr sheets of plaster on. They were delivered in 6m  lengths, so they will have to wait till Al can come give me a hand, or perhaps the Grand kids come home from Bemm River.

And so with three frames knocked together, all I need to do is work out where the layout supports need to go, so I know where the cross pieces need to go to strengthen up the frame
One cross piece will need to be at 1350 to support the plaster sheet joins. Need to work out if that will also support the upper deck which will mount on top of 70 x 35 horisontal supports fixed in two places to anchor them at a perfect level.
Then the sheets of insulation will be fitted with cut outs to get around these obstructions. The same will go for the plaster as well.

Well I have a sharp pencil, now I need to work out exactly where the supports should go. The BG track is level at 1410mm but the SG falls for about 60 feet at 1.5% This complicates the support brackets.


  1. G'day Rod, I have been following your blog for a while now, really enjoy watching and reading what you have been up to, I did wonder however when you were going to insulate the train room ??!! I had a shed like that once early on, me and a mate cooked an egg on the concrete floor, that was enough for me, Ha, Love your work mate I always enjoy dropping in and catching up on the latest....
    Matt, Central West N.S.W

    1. Hi Matt,
      Don't matter how many times you have done something or how old you are, its still a bit of a learning curve. I wish I had put these walls up on the other side. But the East wall never heats up like the West wall, naturally. But I think just for looks it would have been worth it.
      Sometimes I wish I could come across like some of the folk who write those magic blogs, where everything works out so well. but I got a good idea that fewer people have the expertise to always do it the right way than those like me who just struggle along :D
      But I am having a lot of fun, and hopefully even if I am a bit of a "klutz" sometimes, I am showing folk that I can still build a model railway that works, and so can anybody else, if they really want to. Glad you are enjoying it. I enjoy seeing comments, makes it worth the effort.
      Cheers Rod


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