2016_01_16  Blue Skies but a cool day to plaster a wall ;)

Got a phone call this morning, and a half hour later another. Two mates were at loose ends.. Beauty!! more walls to get up :D

First of all Al was thinking about the out rigger supports and he thought we should continue fixing blocks to counter balance the weight of the baseboards on top. So before we started on completing the wall we attached 4 blocks above the out riggers to ensure they could not loosen off.

So we cut out the foam insulation, attached blocks to the brick wall, and patched the cutouts and secured with gaffa tape. Well Done!

 At about this time Graeme arrived, and as he had not met Al, introductions were in order. They got along fine, but I have such good friends, that is no surprise. We had a coffee and Al and I,ate a roll for dinner while we planned our next move.

Then it was just a matter of cutting out the rest of the sheets,applying cornice cement and attaching the sheets to the studs with screws between the dabs of cement.

We thought we were finished for the day but Graeme found some finishing plaster and mesh bandage and so we fixed up all the joints. Need to sand them back when it dries.. The boys admiring their good work.

And here is Honeysuckle sitting approximately where she will be fixed. This first module out of 5 running back towards the camera.

Amazingly the lights are switched off and that is natural light reflecting of the ceiling. Am pretty chuffed with that, and am now confident the wall will stop radiating the high temperatures it did in the past.

Thank you very much Al and Graeme. I am sure I could not do it without you. really appreciate your help.

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  1. G'day Rod, Glad your back healed mate !! I came across this one and thought of you buddy, I know its a little late, food for thought however, Youtube, "How to easily move plywood on your OWN" by Gene Lonergan, been using these techniques as I have been lugging around 8x4 sheets of 12mm MDF,!!! Heavy.... Works well.
    Matt. One always comes across an alternative after the Fact, That's Life....


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