2016_05_08 iIt rains, in fact its pouring.

2016_05_08 Humidity 54% inside 13C outside 14C

And I am walking away from this for a while. Going to concentrate on laying track. It has beaten me for now.

Its very damp outside. I sealed up all the aircon vents and closed all the windows, and when I looked in this morning, it did not seem too bad. However close inspection showed that ......

Nothing has changed.....

Only thing I can do now, is find out if a water proofing treatment for paper is available.....
or how much it would cost to copy the scenes onto adhesive backed vinyl? or even a thicker paper?
This stuff might work all right in a house or perhaps even in England, but its a real handful in a shed.
My friend Colin in NSW cut the 5 foot lengths into halves and used a smaller height sheet, and did not have these problems.
...................   But its time to change directions for a while and finish off the bench work and start laying track. :)

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