2016_05_16 So thats the best I can do!

2016_05_16  This is about where you walk away :(

Whether it be that you just can't recover a damaged sheet, meaning we will have more success if we try to fit a new sheet?  But I think I am over this. My background wishes are pretty much history today.

without flash, just room light

Flash shows what it really looks like

Pulling it off wall with heat, and re applying glue, takes the large crease out.
heating it up also takes it out.
But two hours later it is right back again.
We used a new craft type spray adhesive, spraying both surfaces as well as leaving go tacky.
I was a horror to put on, because you had to glue it to a line, which meant pulling it away to keep it straight.
All pictures taken one after the other and the room temperature was 14C at 51% humidity.


  1. Rod

    I tend to remember saying to look at putting the paper on with the boards off the wall's. Turn them on the side & apply downwards like normal wallpaper.. The other thing I found when I did mine was that I realized trying to put the stuff up with the layout base in place was a right pain owing to the length of the sheets.

    The key to applying it in the horizontal rather than the normal vertical as wallpaper is meant to go is to also carefully cut each drop in half, do them in half lengths.

    Normal wallpaper also allows you to rewet the paper as you draw it downwards, not possible with horizontal long application. The paper is more a photo paper & trying to put it on a wall & even gently using a roller or sponge to push the air out can rub out some of the colours.

    What does not help is there are really few specialist wallpaper shops around & talk to the paint shops that dabble in paper do not know anything about the need to use wallpaper size.

    Glad I only did 4 lengths, but still prefer them over large scale painted backdrops.

  2. Hello Col,
    Unfortunately my walls are all up and I have to continue on working on the vertical :( But I contacted the manufacturer who told me not to use wall paper glue. his reasoning being that the paper was not waterproof and being thin would certainly pull apart as I brushed it on. The local wall paper shop seemed to think that with my painted wall, SIZE was unnecessary? I am pretty certain that I should have used the 9 inch high sheets as well :) I will give you a call soon, its been too long

  3. Interesting reply from the mob who makes the drops.
    On their webb page they actually have a link to an article from someone on advice on how to apply them, & it certainly mentions wall paper glue.

    Being told that a painted surface does not need size is ok IFF, & that is if you are applying to a wall is painted in oil based paints, which do not absorb moisture, also most wallpapers that come already with glued rear surfaces do not need it, as the glue has size in it.

    Water based paints suck in moisture, & that is the thing with them, also as the wallpaper is then put to the wall much of the wet glue is sucked into the wall, helps adhesion but also quicker drying, & that's not what's wanted here.

    Get liguid glue & the size a little extra wont hurt only help I believe. The other spray glues wont go astray as they can be used to seal of flock on trees.

    1. Col,
      This has been going on for such a long time, I am forgetting where we started talking with you :( But of course you are right about the instructions originally received. Interesting about the painted wall. It is water based paint and that probably explains where the creases are actually coming from. I need to re-evaluate all this. Do I continue on after sealing the walls? or go with wall paper glue? I did get one sheet very wet using 20% white glue and water. It became loose and shredded easily as we smoothed it out. The colour of the print did not appear to change when it dried. Cheers

  4. Try to apply the size & then the paper as soon as possible, although the thing is with the size it stays in the damp/slippery state for some time. That's the idea of it, under normal papering you apply the size on the whole wall, then you do the paper drops, & you usually can get around 4-6 full drops including the time to match & trim the top cut to length soak in the water tray & then lift to the wall.
    The size leaves a bit of sheen over the paint while it is still damp/wet, when see spots that have no sheen means you put more on then. You can easily size a bit over the drops length apply the drop & then apply the next lot of size for the next section apply the glue to paper hang & repeat.

    Thing to remember is while you don't have to worry about the wall & lifting the sheets out of a water tray designed for wall papering, you have the large or high back drop as a hinderance as a result of the sheets being both long & high.


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