2016_11_03. Wall construction nears the end. Plus.....

2016_11_03  Al and I continue constructing the wall Plus we mount the union notice board.

For a short time the local model railway club was in the Wodonga Railway Station. When we got the boot, we were told to take the fittings if they were useful.
The Club took the 5 notice cases that lined the walls of the meal room. This is one that I got from that Club.

Originally I was only placing plaster on the frame. However we left the overhang to cover the conduit.

Al checks the level. We had a great day. We were both sore and tired. Despite multiple measurements, and off cut plaster boards we got the job done Eh Al?  :D
This wall is the one closest to house. As a result, I did not insulate it, as it is in shade 80% of day.

Al said its not square. Well it looks fine to me :)

And after I cleaned the glass and Al the debris of over 10 years storage, the Wodonga AFULE union notice case is finally recycled. Graeme Schulz modified the case with shelving and increased the space between the back board and glass. Thanks fellas.
I really appreciate your help with this project. ;)
Had to move the aircon switch. Need to fix that in place, the photo suggests :(

I was doing some wiring yesterday and was having difficulty bending and looking underneath and upwards. Not even sure I could do that as a young man. But quite impossible at my age!

photo here!

I recycled the Honeysuckle panel to lift my wheeled rolling bed, which has done the trick. Easier to get on top of, and am now close enough to the action to work my magic on my spaghetti wiring :)

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