2016_11_25 And so their was light!

2016_11_25 Aldi 10m connectable (to 40m) rope lights-Just $17

All lights off and no flash! Its very dark outside.  No (real) moon Just strip lights... Oh I like that 👀

Strip lights (both sides) just standing back a little. I could negotiate the mess on the floor, easily with this much light. These strips are sunny white 5m and cost me $8 each plus shipping from China.

The other side with blue Aldi lights on Wodonga side. As you can see wiring job has become a re-wiring job, but I am getting through a lot of modifications and can soon tidy all this up.

Only light on is the rope light. I think I can bare looking at a "blue" moon 😆 I think I will fix it  to top of back scene board, out of sight under layout. I think 4 strips will be quite bright. Might have to reduce the voltage a little. In fact joining a second strip, may do that for me.

Interestingly in this shot the sunny white strips are on and so is the blue rope light. The blue was very bright, but easily overcome by the sunny whites. I wonder if the fader controls will work. I would need to parallel 0 to 36 volts with 12 to 0 volts to get the effect and I'm betting I would need to do that electronically, which bests my analog skills.

Ok had my coffee, time  ⏰  to get down and dirty on my floor once again. 
 Well the trolley at least keeps me above the floor these days. 😌

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  1. Very interesting Rod. I have a single strip of white LEDs over my 4m layout which seems ok (at night). I was thinking of adding a warm white strip if I needed extra, but at the moment it seems OK. Thankfully a single 5m strip does my entire layout :-)


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