2016_12_11 Custom Pointwork

2016_12_11 Custom points made in Madang Indonesia.

Thank you Evan ;)

Departing Coal Siding, Wodonga. The existing track was supposed to be a temporary one, going back towards Wanganella, allowing trains to circulate. Although it will be almost totally hidden, it is good track, and I decided to leave it in, if I could overcome this problem. I need to construct a special point.
In fact a huge special double  track Y junction, with 44 and 46 inch radius curves. I was stumped.

But along came Evan from Indonesia. Exactly one week on, we only have the problem of getting it through the post office :)

Design...one day!

Build and test?  two days.

Ready to mail in  a week.

Very fair price and problem solved!

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