2016_12_23 Last work day before Christmas.

2016_12_23 Well Tony is on his way home.

I am about to head back out and finish off this section of wiring.

I guess all of you know what I did wrong 😟

Well at the risk of stating the obvious, eight years ago I started running trains using temporary wiring. And I just continued to recently. Although it still looks like spaghetti, it is now functional, and with track moved into proper position, I can tie it all up, out of sight as I go.

Temporary wiring is what you use on a Christmas train set on the carpet. Their is no place for it on a construction like this. The wiring in the new territories is permanent as is the track. Lesson learned? 🙈
Ok back into shed . Will finish this tonight.

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  1. Dear Rod
    I found two sites you might like to see for excellent wiring and building a layout
    jlandt railroad.blogspot.au
    they US layouts.
    Malcolm Aldridge


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