2017_01_21 Warmish and US mates have a new President.

2017_01_21 Not much to show, been underneath wiring permanent runs in place.

Also figured out where I changed the rules and messed things up, 4 years ago. Correcting the mistakes is taking heaps of time. But temporary wiring is slowly becoming permanent good wiring. That IS satisfying.

I have followed the US Elections a little too much. But I will say, I am happy a Businessman has a chance to prove he can do a hell of a lot better than a "politician". Politicians and Bankers have stolen the US from the people. Lets see if a non-politician lives long enough to change the US and by default the World, for the better. However the dirty Bankers are going to do some damage after not getting their way. I think real silver and real gold is going to be the way of the near future. A cup of coffee might cost $500 if the bubble does burst, and ordinary Australians may not escape this time.

Ok had my drink, its time to put another few pairs of droppers in, before I come in for a meal.

Ok did a bit more!

ok this whole curve plus the straight at the further end was not fitted droppers. As well the gauge was tight because nails were bending sleepers. So removed both tracks and wired them on the bench and returned them to position. Good fit remained ok.

Recently I was finding trains were stalling here, and so I need to drop the whole track at least 10mm along this wall. So that is going to be next job. Set up string line and lift and screw back in new lower position. This whole track is dead flat. Rail rises from house creek and trains stall about where straight track starts. dropping it should give train a chance to get to flat section, before climbing grade once again. Trains do not stall on second section, hope the extra 10 mm does not upset that :(

Just 10mm might be all it needs, any more and second grade might be too much. The adjustable level is showing flat and angle zero.


  1. Hi, I have been following your posts watching your progress. Just one question as I am about to start on my layout, what are you using for your track underlay.

    1. G'Day Bob
      I bought rolls of foam from Trackrite
      I got some from Hobby Shops but as I live near Albury, I was able to deal direct, and even mail order it. Great service, by the way :)
      So I used rolls of sheet material to cover yards, and bought pre cut strips for main lines. I did make mistakes though. Its fantastic product, but you have to ensure you don't hammer nails in and squash track on top of foam. this bends sleepers, narrows gauge and looks awful. I had to go to Albury and buy Peco track nails, and I am replacing the brads I used earlier and fixing my sleepers right now :) Love Trackrite, just be careful with it. And remember the track nails should come out after the ballast locks everything down ;)
      J&K Hobbies PO Box 28 Albury, NSW. Australia 2640
      Phone (02)60232824 email jkhobbies@dragnet.com.au

  2. Thanks for your reply Rod,
    I will work on getting rolls of foam from Trackrite. I will contact J&K Hobbies next week.

  3. When you talk with them, make sure you know their whole range that is available. Now a mainline has ballast shoulders either side of track. Even double or triple line has slopes each side of track. But in yards the ballast is thin to allow workers to move around on ground. So Trackrite make foam with tapered shoulders on one side, and square shoulders on other side. They also make square shoulders on both sides. So where walking paths are required around rails you can use the right underlay to make it look a lot better. I actually bought a large roll of material a meter wide, 5 meters long that is exactly the same thickness as the underlay from them. I will have to use a lot more ballast to flatten out my yards :) Pictures here http://www.brunelhobbies.com.au/trackrite/trackrite.htm Prices vary a lot too. Cheers Rod

  4. Thanks Rod,
    I looked at the trackrite details/profiles on the website. I live in rural SA and get to Adelaide reasonably regularly so will check the Adelaide hobby shop prices etc.
    I understand your comments re tapered and square shoulders.


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