2017_02_03 Little jobs and variety :)

2017_02_03 Todayy (and yesterday) we added a couple of corners, started another DCC sound conversion, and filled the display cabinet, whilst looking for an elusive 830 Class that needs a replacement speaker.

I think they look pretty good. Graeme came and one measured whilst the other held it in place. A few more to go, but I need to get a lot done behind these panels before I can fit any more.



  1. looking good rod when are we going to see trains and lots of them running that's what a lay out is for

    1. Yeah its very frustrating, but their is only one of me, and a few friends that give me their time as they can. I was aiming for Christmas 16, so maybe Easter 17? Ha Ha
      I was under the layout adding wiring late this afternoon, when we lost power. Its too hot, too cold, or too hard. Excuses Excuses Ha Ha


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