2017_06_11 (continues)

2017_06_11 The pictures are here.

In answer to Tim's email, where he asked if my radii were indeed as broad as I thought  ๐Ÿ˜ I think I have that covered. I use Fast Tracks specially cut radii tools. They were made for me at 44 inches and 46 inches. On the branch, I try to keep the radius at 36 inches where possible, using the green tool.

And so 44 " and 46" and 48" on the Helix. The 48" was laid using peco parallel track tools fixed to a block of wood, and later adjustable tools bought from Prose's in Turkey.

 The "roarer" cars?

 pin heights all adjusted (But something is hanging on left. A coupling hose. Must bend it away as it might be fouling coupler? Also right hand car has a coupling bar looking to be fouling??

The shortest radii will be the points and crossovers, all no.6 But seems ok here.

Entering No.6 crossover.

And departing same crossover.

clever design by Auscision and their Chinese engineers, don't you think? Pity our 1/87 scale  passengers though!

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