2017_06_23 Signals?

2017_06_23 Ah forgot the new signal didn't I?

Departure Homes from Honeysuckle to Alansvale (left) or Trentham (right arm)

Amazing detail on Tony's new signal building from base to finnials on top!

illuminated as well!

 The Lop bracket received a few months back  helps to arrive trains at Honesuckle other sides of points protected by new bracket

Don't remember if I showed this new signal? It departs down trains on the main  out of Honeysuckle. It needed to be added to allow access to the Loco turntable.

Glad to see Tony returning to his signal building. However it is hardly a money making venture for him. The new bracket post took more than 12 hours to build (I suspect much more) And who could pay $60 an hour plus parts to build something so beautiful? (Just noticed the disk is hanging off (proceed) . It wont do that when a Tortoise motor is attached to it ;)


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