2017_07_21 (continues)

2017_07_21  Discovered another reason for my wiring problems

I think I have learned something knew about reversing loops. It appears that I have fluked my earlier installations. But in upgrading my wiring (strewth!! what a job!) I moved several reversing loop sections. I moved two sections to a place between two command stations. As I use TAM Valley frog juicers and have had exemplary service up until now.,my mistake helped to burn out two Hex juicers valued at $140 (ok repairs in States actually cost $40 plus postage both ways)
It seems that you cannot reverse between two command stations, and so it failed, and finally burned out two juicers. I kept reading the instructions and finally after the second burned board I noticed the bit about two districts. Now it seems to be working ok

To get away from the other power district (read command station) I had to cut in an extra insulated section. Diagram should show you what happened.

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  1. Thanks Rod for your warning. Better that I learn this lesson from your experience, than through my pocket.


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