2017_09_25 Whats up?

2017_09_25  A bit quiet around here as Al has to be elsewhere for a little while.

So I am just adding on to work done recently.  And also fighting the dreaded short bugs I have let loose on this layout.

Last visit, Al finished off the Trentham points, and today's job is to finish off the wiring.

Al adjusting the tracks on Saturday

That's better The wagons clear the goods dock.

Bloody three way points!!

Spent a week or more sorting it out first time. And on Saturday, out of the blue, it failed again! Damned if I could find out why. So   testing wires, changing polarity. Testing for continuity? Nothing obvious...So.... ripped out the new wires and  located the Peco wiring diagram. Rewired it, and it works :(  No idea why it stopped though  :( Thing I did notice is that Peco have an Asymmetric three way point and a medium radius three way. They are built differently. You need to find out which version you have, as Peco have changed their specs several times since scale "electrofrogs" were introduced.

De Ja Vu?

Finally tests ok, and train runs through in both directions on all three routes.

Tidying up?

Yes for about 1 day, I cleaned the desk down, loading everything into boxes after sorting it all out,
I also decided to have a break from wiring, and so began finishing off some sound projects. This took time to accomplish though as the Decoder Pro program gave heaps of trouble. Fixed now, but look at the bloody queue!

Fitting sound?

Found a CL I was looking for, as I promised to sell it, to another. However it has been fitted with sound, which I did not remember doing. I was going to remove the sound, however it is hard wired in, and I cannot locate the lighting board that fits it.

A new flat top and a modification to speakers used. Be interesting to see how it works.

My clean work bench :(  Does not last long around here.

I just got word from Indonesia that Evan has finished my double line junctions and they are ready to mail, so next job is the helix :)

OK back to Trentham. 3 points done, 4 to go!


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