2018_01_09 Building a shed

2018_01_09 Bogie Exchange

Not a lot to report. Have been doing more wiring, buying stuff and decided to build the bogie Exchange shed, as something different.

 I think it was a pike n stuff Engine shed, and modified it to look like Wodonga B E Shed.

Ok make sure I have clearance to points then fill in trackwork with bitumen and concrete in shed

Damn Ran out of paint,,,
Place lots of junk? Hmmm can I buy wagon jacks? or do I need simulate them?
Lots of drums and springs ha Ha


  1. you can get wagon jacks off UNEEK Models.

  2. Thanks for that. I sorta remembered I had seen them, but could not remember where.
    I almost paid $24 for Faller Gmbh
    Spindle Lifting Freight Car Jacks -- Kit - 3-7/16 x 3/4 x 1-9/16" 8.8 x 2 x 4cm pkg(2)
    In Stock
    Probably $45 after shipping.
    I wonder what else uneek has to clutter up the shed area? Email off now, cheers Rod


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