2018_05_02 Update on Rogers Wodonga Station build

2018_05_02  Update of Wodonga Station build

Dimensions are pretty accurate, but model has been adjusted slightly to fit between BG and SG lines at Melbourne end. A future kit could be provided by Stuart at Coolum Design using accurate measurements.  stuart@modeltrainbuildings.com.au

Now for the skin Ha Ha. Thanks Roger I am truly blessed with the friends I have.


  1. I like the way you have done the lighting wiring Rod. Does this mean you are going to fit an interior?

  2. Hi Rob,
    Roger Lloyd is building it, mate, and apart from painting the partition walls, we will not be fitting interior. For all of the time, I remember working there, curtains covered the Office windows and the barracks windows. Even the Station Office was covered later with venetians. The front of building is also covered by the awning. Cheers Rod


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