2018_06_16 Rusting Rail... Beware!

2018_06_16 Graeme shows some of his tricks (after working on Etamaogah)

Some pics show it up better than others. In real life, the change is spectacular.


  1. Well done, but be careful around pointwork if you are relying on contacts under the pointblades to transfer the electrical energy. My experience with spray painting the rail, is that the biggest change is after ballasting, the code 100 rail visually becomes smaller. I would suggest cleaning the railhead soon after painting with a masonite block before the paint really goes hard.

  2. There was a really good idea on one of the many Facebook sites that you actually run a thin oil over the top of the rail before painting. Thank that might be worthwhile exploring.


All comments and suggestions from like minded individuals always welcomed. Help make this railway better :D