2019_05_30 RUB Cars and another "AL-Day"

2019_05_30  On Wednesday I was able to pick up my newest Auscision production!

 Saw a nice review by Rob Nesbitt here so check it out    https://buildingwagga.blogspot.com/

Neatly packed and very secure as we expect from Auscision.

 The six car set as run through Albury Wodonga 70's and 80's

 Very clean crisp decals

several cars had pick ups to operate tail lights. very subdued and just exactly correct in my opinion.

 The six car set came with extended couplers for minimum radius operations. So far I have not worked out what the bits  in top pockets are. Very top is Intercapital Daylight signs. I think the middle are buffers and diaphragm bits?

I built my set up with an extra two cars, and decided to add candy cars as my era saw the changes coming in.

Extra couplers and ? for candy cars

Don't remember if they ran louvre vans on the thru trains, but what the heck :)

Thursday work day
Ok Al and I got back into the swing of things and finally completed the baseboards for the whole branch. And so we are now connected to helix. connected the helix into the system.  This has taken so much time but we were really excited that the next phase will be to lay track into the Branch terminus on top of the new helix.

 I rebuilt the top deck allowing me to cut off 450mm from the horizontal supports, making that mistake a little less obvious. Albury yard now will not sit in the shadows ;)

 It will only be a single line, however its just wide enough to include scenery, perhaps an s bend snaking through a cutting?  A small hill?  a culvert or two? Ha Ha Graeme is getting to me :)

 All baseboard cut and ready to glue and screw. I will install wiring first.

In background you can see two 50 inch radius curved boards clamped together? We used this to prove the curve to the left into the Terminus Station. The platform will sit along side a 46 inch radius S Curve, and should look interesting. The track runs towards display case and runs around top of helix into station. Several roads will be laid out servicing service pit, coal stage, water facilities as well as a Goods Shed, Silo, Briquettes and Super siding. Have I room for a fuel depot?

 Screwed and glued with the outrigger cut back. Its very solid and would support my weight Ha Ha

Here Al checks my measurements. And why wouldn't he Ha ha

Thats enough for now, and I am taking a short break for the next several weeks.


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