2019_10_10 Albury continues and theres more!

2019_10_10 Its Thursday and Al is roaring to go.

(BG = Broad Gauge and SG = Standard Gauge)
Can't help myself :D  Running trains over part of the line is taking up a bit of time :)

The R shunted out of way, as it awaits repairs (need to add a capacitor to smooth out running)

BGM D3 helps the T haul the goofy's up the grade.

Still mixing trains on the gauges, however this will stop when the second helix starts working ;)

Laying track in Albury

Al laying track,  He seems to like it, and his track is superb too.
You can see how he "volunteers" to lay track, can't you

This is about 2/3 of the Albury SG platform. The BG platform is slightly reduced in length.
Was going to cover platform with sandpaper to simulate asphalt. However sitting the whiteboard on the cork is just level with the doors on the carriages. I might have to paint it instead.

BG and SG (top) enter Albury. The BG divides with one track crossing the SG and the other track enters the BG platforms

Painting and fixing up points

Its time to see how the fascia is going to look.


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  1. Albury is coming along nicely, I was going to ask, Have you started to build the station building. If the building you do get is 3D drawn it means the drawings could be scaled up for an O scale Albury. Just interested in an O scale Albury



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