2019_11_06 Graemes Birthday Many Happies Mate!

2016_11_06  As well we continue with wiring and I start to connect the SG Helix into layout at long last!

First of all, please let me wish my good mate Graeme Hawken a very happy 74th Birthday. I hope you had a great day mate.

Track Layer

Its really great that I have a track layer on hand, Thanks Al  :D

 So as Albury yard heads towards completion of the yard track, I thought I better start planning for the Junee connection. AS explained before, this is simply a double track store road around the inside base of the helix. Trains heading for Junee are simply stored in here till they need returning towards Melbourne.

 A lot of points and a mile of wiring connections! Thanks Al, it looks great.

 AS well as setting up the main lines to enter the helix, it was time to combine all the Albury yard tracks and join the main line. These roads lead to the store roads and as well can climb the helix and exit on the top level and complete a continuous loop, should we run with only a few people to manage turning trains and shunting.

 Right hand BG roads represent Bunge and Wool Stores roads.

So Now I need a connection to the helix, so that I can set up the Indonesian crossovers which divide the runaround and the main line to the left heading for the two helix store roads. And straight ahead to a second (this time right hand) Indonesian crossover.  The straight of this crossover is the return from the helix return loop roads. The curve enters the helix and will run around 4 times climbing up towards Honeysuckle. It then enters the the other half of the room making a continuous run, should it be needed.

Linking the gap

Using off cuts from the Helix build, I built a bridge connecting Albury to it.

 Reconnecting the cut off curve, saved a heap of work.

All I need do now is cut out a filler and Bob's your Uncle :)
looks like I will need cut this a little wider to support the store roads if thats where the points end up?

Wiring Saga

 For the last few days I have been fixing some mistakes with my wiring. To do this I have cut out a lot of extra wiring that I used to separate different lines and fuse with light globes.

I decided it was a little silly to complicate the two wire DCC system that much.
So now I am removing all connections to the 40 amp DCC bus and running (or to be exact leaving only two extra wires to cover BG and SG separation only.

Ans so using NCE EB1 circuit breakers fed power from the DCC bus and then feeding protected power through the secondary bus to that district only.

Because I use spade connectors, it has been a very quick process to alter the wiring.

Already I have got results and my Digitrax system is strangely quiet Ha Ha. For a year or more persistant faults keep buzzing codes to me... but now nothing apart from some locomotives being kicked because they are not being operated at the time.

 And so I am mounting all the EB1's on table legs in plain view. Steady red LED and that circuit is operating safely, that is no shorts :)

 Tracing it all out and removing what is now redundant. Believing fully that I will not have to return here, I am tidying up all the wiring with those TK wire ties. (You will have to believe me that picture was out of focus!)

Removing yellow connectors from heavy red and black bus lines.

 Bringing the clean bus lines under neath to Wodonga Station, ready to start whole process here when I finish the other side.

 4 red lights and no warning beeps!!  It is so quiet in here ;)

And to finish off, I have a train being made ready to test Albury BG platform, and also I found these beautiful oil tanks at Wagga from SDS. Absolutely magnificent. This mob gets better and better!

Rod Young


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