2019_12_02 Messy Bugger and 40c

2019_12_02  I can't seem to work neatly!

As you know Al comes over Thursday to help out and do that nice track work. This means of course, that I need to stop what I am doing, push stuff aside and work with him on that project.

And its great to have company and push the empire to its conclusion Ha Ha

So my work table very quickly turns into this...

The locos and pass cars move aside for wiring and track chores.

Then Graeme and I have a session on fitting lights or valences (More to come soon as a new parcel has just arrived from China)

Ad I remember that "Nykanen" Station needs a siding to be added...

Which is nearly all wired up, with just the point motors to be activated.

But the mess underneath is accumulated by all this work. (the switches are in temporary mounts as the top layer of fascia needs to be applied, before installing the new round switch holders)

Why can't I work neatly like Al does?  ;)

Then my China order includes new servo motors which need to be assembled. And so I need a space to test them and attach the actuating wires and the bases.

I have assembled 20 point motors, and I need to do 20 more!
But I want to get back to my diesel repair, and carriage rebuilds :(

A one day hotty hits Yackandandah 
The 40C High temperature hit we had last week after we had a few nice days then whammy we got hit hard, and then it cooled down below 17C in a day.
I was not working in the shed, and the air conditioner was not on. I may have to turn it on during hot weather, even if not able to work in there?  Mind you this was all on sections of track sitting on caneite or otherwise not securely fixed.

 Bullarto yard

 Goods platform road

 Main line into Bullarto.

The trestle on branch was only pinned down. will need to glue it, but worried about making a mess of it.

Not sure why it did not settle back the next day when temp plummeted to 17C


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