2020_03_21 Track to light

2020_03_21  Darkness to light!!  Thanks Q

We just keep plodding along

Graeme  called in for an hour or four and we got the Albury side lighting working. It's  dark outside, and the interior lights off.

You can see the clamped on fascia?  This will be full height and cover the lights and the timber frame. Painted green to match other fascia. It does not stop the light reaching edge of layout and yet the control panels will be clear of light and reflections when installed.

 Interior light on

And now the layout lights are off.

Track works

 (sorry about fuzzy pic)

 Still trying to sort out the helix and of course I need to install another reversing loop. This is mainly to keep the negative wire towards the wall. This started off because I used 45amp bus wires because I thought I had to run a continuous bus line. Knowing better now, however I maintain this restriction, because I am not prepared to completely change all the previous wiring and disconnect and reconnect those thousand odd droppers once more.  The cause of all of this was I could not get 45amp matching black bus wires (at a price I could afford. Two hundred meters of copper cable was $60 and one hundred meters of black aluminum (could not get copper then) was $190. So I spaced the bus a foot apart. The red wire nearest wall was a black wire and the reversing sections allowed this to be maintained... stupid... stupid...... stupid!! Anyway its all spilt milk, or water long under the bridge.


  Al day Thursday :)

 We added the last track to the coal siding (At least Al did)

But first,
 Although Albury has only one crossover allowing the XPT to move from platform road to the main, we found the reversing loops were sending freight trains back along the platform. And so we added a second crossover to pass them through the through road. 

 At the coal siding we need to add the second arrival road and runaround.  And that completes the BG track on the whole layout...Yippeee!!!!

Well perhaps just a little more so I can fit the cement and Super Industries in place.

So a little more progress, hope you all enjoyed.
Spent two days rewiring the top level from top of the old helix to Allanvale and around the Peninsular via Bullarto and Trentham to Honeysuckle.
And now my Digitrax system refuses to start up, and I have no idea what changes I made to cause the fault. I only found out after those two days when I tried to start it up and run a train or two.
Next week will be a difficult one.

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