2020_05_21 Al-Day returns to HB Nth

2020_05_21  As the Government relaxes its power grab, Al-Day Thursday can return.

So we have two jobs today.

Rewire continues for me and I am inching along after not working out why a diamond crossover was shorting yesterday. I hoped to get it finished before Al came over.

Anyway between soldering up the rails and points for the new siding so Al could lay the track along, I did manage to fix the crossover. Now I only have 2 feet of dead track to reach the old helix which thankfully is still wired and working properly. Maybe tomorrow will see trains running on top level once again.

Al went back to the coal siding, and did finish off his project (unlike my efforts)

However it was great to have some company and a chat :D

 I modified the second yard runaround to try and make room for the Super shed. Here al fits the points ready for point motors.

 We added the new siding into the bogie exchange road north of the fuel siding roads. Not like it really was, but remembering the shunts we did at Coal Siding, I think it will work ok

I ran out of Peco code 75 points so we fitted a code 70 Microscale crossover, which worked out ok.
The new Peco rail joiners are advertised to fit code 70, code 75 and code 83, and they do just that. Surprisingly, joining Microscale code 70 and Peco code 75 with these joiners matches height and inner rail edges with no filing required.

 The tracks are spaced about 5cm apart to allow hands to be used to re rail, uncouple etc.

 And all track is in and fixed down.

Still leaves room for the road access and a few weeds ;)

 I decided to extend the run around road to access the cement silo, which again had to be relocated account of the narrow bench work. The Super shed will go over the hole to left of bent road.

 I bought some new legs for the layout yesterday, so I can both firm up the bench tops and level them out. Trying to set up a cement hopper which wanted to roll away rapidly, proved just how out of plumb this end of layout is.

  First pic set hopper at end of track.
second run back and focus and shoot
third take another shot Ha Ha

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