2020_06_01 Track laying? Wot?

2020_06_01 Have I forgotten?

Well I guess Al will complain that its not right Ha Ha.  I keep letting him do it because he likes it so much ;)

Anyway the frustrations of wiring this up is keeping me well and truly occupied.

So lets see how I did?
This little yard is needed to store some of the NSW rolling stock that I have accumulated to make Albury a little more interesting. NSW 4 wheel vintage rolling stock, will not normally run on the Victorian side and basically will run to and from Albury via the two reverse loops, and store in these 5 new sidings to keep the layout clear for thru modern bogie operation through to Dynon.

 Ok first find the tools. Now where did Al hide them?

Check to make sure it will fit in place, that point motors are not obstructed.

Yeah, this will work.

ok straight along backdrop? I have a block of wood that appears to work. Now lining the points up this way the straight roads need straightening.
The electro frogs have wire shorts to remove for live frog operation.
And I wire the blades to each dropper to guarantee continuity.

 Mark the positions of the droppers and drill through the base board. Mark location of the point motor and drill the board out for that.
  Push the wires through and give them a test tug.

Stand back and admire the work. It looks great to me :)
Go inside and check head for bleeders? Oh not needed :) Did not hit it once Ha Ha

Yeah I am happy with that...  But what will Al think of it?


ps the New Helix is next, and that finishes off all the track to lay.

pps notice that all lighting is from the overhead LED's Maybe first job should be to build a canopy and light your layout? Sure makes working on it easier (except when its low and chops up your  head, eh Al?)

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