2010 August 30

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Harrison (Hitachi) wrote:
What DCC system are you using Rod?

cheers Harrison ;)

Digitrax Dcs200 (8 amp) plus two district DB150 (5 amp) sourcing up to 20 Amps from a Digitrax PS2012 20 Amp DCC Power Supply
DT402D wireless master throttle and UT4D minor wireless throttles.
UR92 Wireless receiver and UP5's for another 6 (older) IR / tethered throttles.

Only one problem I have found with Digitrax apart from a slow learning cycle to understand how to work the system
That is new sound decoders are using CV values above 255, which Digitrax did not handle until the DT402D Has caused me a lot of grief!

I have 32 Loksound V3.5 sound decoders, another 5 micro sound decoders, 6 loksound Select's and another 30 Digitrax and NCE non sound decoders.
I have about 15 Locomotives running out of a fleet of 112 on DCC, and now that I have overcome the CV issues , thanks to Bob Young and Marcus Ammann who's patience I have severely worn thin I expect, I can continue my installations :)
I have had about half of my sound decoders loaded with sounds by Mansfield see here


So now the hard work begins :(
2010 September 1  2256 hrs

Almost completed the base board on the Trentham side. Just need the braced supports to be fixed in place.

A part of the South Grafton layout can be recycled here into the main line to continue the branch on to the terminal station on the long wall.

Looking back towards Trentham
Next job is to fix the 31mm x 31mm posts in place for the back board.Then cut and fix the plaster backgrounds
After that paint at least the matt pale blue first coat


2010 October 3 Friday September 03 1009 hrs

Had some left over plaster board after building my house. So I built up a frame and glued and screwed sheets of 600mm high plaster and here is the first sheet mounted.

 So here is one side of the finished job
Next is to repeat the job below the top table as backboard for the lower level.
I thought I would just lay track and get trains running, however skipping these bits is just making the job even more difficult. I will have to cover the bricks on the first wall where I already have trains running. It will take many hours to complete that job.


 2010 September 9     Thursday

 From The Managing Director

To The Board of the
Fernleigh Railway Company Ltd.

cc: Chief Mechanical Engineer.

Dear Sirs,
Please take note that after due consideration of your pleadings, you have been authorised to purchase the following Locomotive from your supplier, that is Rail Page (Models Items you wish to sell) (TM) http://www.railpage.com.au/f-t11336990-s465.htm
One Streamlined Pacific Locomotive painted in the VR corporate colours of Blue and Gold, and to take delivery of it as soon as possible!
Please find necessary funds in your working account and transfer said funds immediately.
Note 2
You have also been authorised to purchase a 4-6-4 Hudson fast passenger locomotive from your Agents VR Enthusiast This locomotive will be dual purpose and will be liveried in black with red striping. Necessary funds allocated and in your working account and transfer said funds should be done immediately.

The Minister has made special mention, and it is to be noted that no more funds are available for expansion of said railway in the foreseeable future!
winging and whining will not be entered into!

You will note that no mention of new rolling stock has been made in this document. You will have to use your maintenance allocation of funds to refurbish existing "corten" steel cars, to enable the introduction of the new fast rail passenger service which this administration is expecting to be up and running before the next elections.

R T Young
Managing Director.

Manufacturers pre-delivery picture. What a beauty!! :mrgreen:

 R707 resplendent in her fresh paint!


2010 September 9    Thursday (continues)

 R707 departs Bullarto with a short goods. Recent track upgrades allows the big engine onto the branch.

 As R707 reaches the cutting a bright sun peeps above the horizon.

 With a section staff in the rack and the starting signal lowered off she races to join the mainline and dash back to Melbourne.

 I find it difficult to make up my mind. Is this the VR's prettiest engine?
(edit March 2013. Still have not filled the bunker with coal :(  )

 Picking up speed she moves out into open country!

2010 September 9    Thursday (continues)

The steam locomotive fleet now has expanded rapidly during the last 6 months.

After ordering the fully refurbished A2 oil burner (still in the shops)


Precision Scale Models

and acquiring K 165 Privately.

 That is 4 Brass Steamers!

And of course an order was placed at Caulfield this year to build a complete new R Class.  The contract being let out to Steam Era Models,    Steam Era

and the work will be carried out in the   Mansfield Shops


2010 September 13  1220 hrs    Monday

The Post has arrived! Got the phone call from the postman at 1010. He had a registered Insured parcel for me :)

We found that the new Locomotive acquisition had arrived and was out on a test run.
just a small train for the first load test. The CS van has been set up as a temporary Dynamoter car.
Here are a few shots of the yet unnumbered S Class three Cylinder Steam Engine. It is rumoured these engines will actually be named.

 A late shipment of buffered couplings should enhance the connections when they are fitted :) 

Guards compartment with luggage areas.

 Massive drivers, taller than a man!

 Cut away cow catcher eliminates an area that formed a vacuum at speed sucking in debris, and fouling oiled moving parts.

 impressive site as the new monster of the rails rushes towards you at 70 MPH!
Please stand clear!!


2010 September 13  Monday  2302 hrs

Just noticed the coupling on the S tender is missing. In fact the screw heads and the pocket do not show any signs that a coupler has ever been fitted.
I am going to lubricate this engine before it ever receives power to turn the wheels. Might as well install a Loksound decoder at the same time :)

2010 September 17   Friday 

 Today was a clear the decks day!!
Remove a years worth of trash off the top deck, and fit the scenery backboard in place prior to laying some more track:) 

 Had to work a 300mm high back drop around the top level.
Now I need to cover the pillars.

 Had to remove the cross pieces, next job is to replace them
The windows had to be allowed for, to allow them to open and close.

 Helix end!

 Replacing the cross pieces!

 All done... now for the track bed :)

 Need to cut out some off cuts to cover the pillars, and tis one will need to be lower to fill in the creek.



2010 September 22   Wednesday

Stop Press!
The Board of Directors has announced that another Locomotive Purchase has been approved.
Orders will soon be placed for A VR H Class Locomotive to be added to the parent Victorian Railways order.
We suspect H221 will arrive sometime in 2011.

Head Office will be unattended for about 10 Days. The entire board has decided to partake of an inspection tour of Dubbo, and parts Northern NSW. All at Company Expense of course. We will take a much needed break on the Gold Coast, before returning south to attend the Industry Exhibition at Liverpool near Sydney October 2 before returning to Osbornes Flat.

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