2013 March 31

2013 March 31  Easter Sunday Cloudy and cold :(

Not a lot to report today.  I did get a Lima 422 running on a new Athearn chassis, and only need to tidy it up and fit the right sound module in it before giving it a test run :)

I also assembled the two metal abutments as well as the two middle piers for the extended open deck girder bridge. I painted them too, however they have lots of gaps and I will need to apply some filler before repainting them.

I now need to build bases underneath them, to lift the bridge to the same height as the VR Models bridge.
As that means I will need that bridge finished, I cleaned up all the castings and superglued the top ballast tray together, and painted it a concrete grey. However it does look too clean, and I will sand it back and repaint it floquil old concrete tomorrow.

I also painted the abutments and piers at the same time, and will repaint them floquil old concrete as well.

The I beams are marked out and ready to attach. I wont be able to paint these red, so will have to search for a suitable silver, I guess, or perhaps use the same concrete grey I am going to paint over?  The contrast might be good enough?

So hopefully after installing this bridge I will be able to sort out the open deck bridge height as well.


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