2013 April 1

2013 April 1     Ah! a tool? or an  April fool? now that is a question :D

So 42213 now has windows and the lights were prepared and glued it to a blacked out windscreen which was then wired and installed into the body, both ends.  An AT1000 non Turbo 645 V 16 sound chip was installed and insulated from frame. a small soundtraxx mega base speaker was fitted into a custom enclosure and mounted into the frame. I now do have a problem finding a spot for the capacitor. It bulges the body where I thought it would fit. Looks like I pull it apart one more time before I can try and sort the body out.  The body does fit apart from that. Another problem is the marker lights. I am unsure just how I should drill them out. I think I will use a 1mm drill after pushing a sharp stylus into the lens to start the drill off. Then Fibre optics back to two LED's one forward one reverse, both off or on??

As you can see the two bridges are now almost the identical length, however I have another problem. The VR models deck girder bridge has 4 piers supporting it. Every pair of bridges I have seen on the North East have equally spaced piers. I guess this makes good sense in flooding times, as the creek bed is less obstructed. The pictures show that the deck bridges can be longer between the piers, however they have 4 girder supports the same as the open deck versions.

So the track is glued to the base and needs ballast to finish it off and I have found out how high the piers need to be. All I need do now is build the pier bases and paint them.
Today  I also body filled the metal abutments and piers and sanded them smooth. I then repainted all the bridge fittings in aged concrete. However I did leave the ballast tray in new concrete to simulate the new trays that were sometimes fitted in the 70's, to replace the red gum original trays as they rotted out.

Does not look too bad if I do say so myself  :)



  1. Damn you Rod, those bridges do look GREAt, I am thinking of doing a couple for my SAR Layout. Now I will have to double check my photos and if I don't have any, what an excuse for a trip to Adelaide etc just prior to the Queens Birthday weekend. as to the 422, perhaps both off, show us more mate :)

  2. IG'Day Geoff I just found out I have damaged the front headlight part of the chip :( The headlight switch will no longer turn it off and it stays on when the rear light is on. Damn! I could not get a new tip to work in my iron. and I think I cooked that pin or the sm diode directly behind it.
    I might have to cheat and connect it into the markers to turn it off. Sending it back to Soundtraxx is just not worth the postage, I guess.


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