2013 May 16

2013 May 16  A very wet and cold Thursday

Sorry people nothing to report here, as I have not even been in the Studio since the last post :( 

I have car troubles, again It seems that the bad fuel I got a year ago, most probably has reeked more damage on my Landy.  The Injectors and almost certainly the Injector Pump have been damaged and are leaking enough to be dangerous. The Landrover Discovery is now sitting at Blacklocks waiting repairs.
The good news is that Insurance will probably cover it, and if they dont the bad news is that a proper fix that can give me confidence to tow my van far and wide will cost over $7000 and possibly more.
Anyone with a common rail diesel engine should know that bad fuel will destroy your fuel pumps, your injectors and Injector pump. It does not matter if you own a Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi or a Mercedes or any other Common Rail, You are going to be slugged $1000 for a pump $2000 for a high pressure injector pump and up to $1000 for each injector! Mine has 6 of those. Its a days labour and possibly up to 12 hours if the mechanic is not good at his job, and when undoing the timing belts you would be mad not to replace them too, another $700.

Where did I get bad fuel?  It really does not matter The operator may not be responsible for what his staff does. So another friend say he only uses Coles or Safeway outlets because he felt that rogue managers might have trouble operating in places like this. If the pump is clean, not diesel greasy and the smell is not what you expect, then you are not going to continue your fill up there!

Fortunately it would seem that Allianze accept that rogue fuel operators are out of the Insured owners control and usually agree to reimburse them, which is quite a relief. I got to hope and pray it happens.

Otherwise I got this cheap hardly used shed full of stuff to sell :(


  1. Rod,

    I had the some trouble with my troopie about 7 years ago the diesel was heavily cut with vegetable oil and grew a fungus. I found this out when my fuel line blocked fortunately I have an auxiliary which got me to Lake Cargelligo and then back to Sydney. I had to have all the fuel tanks out steam cleaned and disinfected (twice) replace all the fuel lines plus clean and disinfect the fuel pump.

    About a week later I saw on TV my petrol station had been taken to court for cutting its petrol and diesel and I learned the hard way to use Shell because they actually do a Quality control on diesel so it should be good.


  2. Hey Iain,
    Yeah mate not a great feeling. I have been told by someone at Land Rover that they would like to recommend Caltex fuels. According to them Caltex are the only ones in Australia who sell Premium Diesel which is a plus for Common Rail Diesels.
    But all advice is as you say, use name brand fuels or at least fuel up where the Semi trailers do, because they would not be sold rubbish, and would not continue to use an untrusted outlet


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