2013 May 9

 2013 May 9  A quiet day spent mostly baby sitting (sorry "Big Girl" sitting says my 4 year old grand daughter :D )

Sorry about lousy picture :) But the content looks ok to me ;)
Well I found out today what Austrains planned to release at Hobsons Bay. Imagine that over the past 4 Exhibitions every product planned to release at Collingwood was late! The first time I product is sitting and waiting to go... Hobsons Bay goes arse up.
The news is not good over there either
Marching orders are we are to be out January 1 2014 from our leased rooms at West Melbourne. We can probably hang out for a while if we do it right, because the other tenants BHP have told VicTracks to go root themselves They have another 4 years on their lease, I heard.

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