2015_03_09 Sandown Exhibition

2015_03_09     Gee what a mild summer we have this year :)

Little things are happening. I finally got sick of spreading all my work out on Coal Siding as if it was a work bench. And packed it all up and moved it inside and set it up in my Office.
Its easier to work in there and I dont get distracted all the time and "play" trains. Now I can install sound in peace in an air conditioned room.  When I do go in the shed, I can operate without working around all the clutter as well.
Have 2 C Class and 3 X Class being fitted with sound. The first X Class sounds great, but the body will not sit down, its about 1.5 mm too high. Looks like I will have to take it apart and machine out about 2mm in the weight to sit the decoder a little lower.  But at least I can prepare the rest and know they will sit down. So next job.
I can machine the C Class at the same time.
I made a jig for the fuel tank lid which really speeds up placement of the speaker The Loksound is really nice sound.  DCC sounds

Went to Sandown on Saturday, drove down leaving about 3.15 am, but got there too early. Got taken in my the Auscision HooHaa, and was bitterly disappointed. Anyway as usual arrived with money to spend, and left with most of it intact.
Every year its the same. I promise never to go to that Exhibition again. and go anyway. Someone please remind me next year?. 

On the way home I attended the Exhibition at Kyneton and had a great time. Nice job fellas I will come again, and you got all my money, which surprised me too :)
Rod Young

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