2015_03_10 Home Sweet Home.


Disappointment with Sandown turned into a nice day at Kyneton.
Stayed the night at Tony's place in Bendigo and called in to PC Hobbies on the way home.
Took little out of Sandown, more out of Kyneton, and a lot more from PCB Hobbies :)

Now I have to save up for Caulfield :)

Some Pictures!  Claim bragging rights (just remember my store shopping is very limited, and I only get to do this once or twice a year)

Coolum Design Laser cut wood kit Single road small country loco shed for branch terminus
Model Train Buildings  on Face Book

Coolum Laser Design Coolum Beach Laser Design

Walthers Kit

 Corn silo But it will become a wheat silo on the Branch

Walthers Corn shed. Going to use this for Uncle Bens Wodonga.

Couple of nice books. Gerald was not only an Elite Engineman with the VR, he was a gentleman and a fine Boss to boot. We really loved this fellow, and I was very happy to be the first cleaner to sit a Drivers exam with him when he took on the job as Examining Officer at Dynon. We spent three hours under R707 at Spotswood servicing the Loco whilst I had a verbal Drivers exam. Talk about putting a cleaner at ease. Even so I failed a safe working question and had to return later to finally get my ticket :(

Ian Wilson sold this one to me at a nice price.  Can't resist a T :D

Ian was also selling TrainBuilder stuff, and it looks like I might have been lucky to find this one, as they have been sold out for a month.

Coolum Beach Laser Design, made this wood kit. It is the original  Station Building at Bullarto

 Brass cast signal gates from Broad Gauge Models at Kyneton See their adds in Australian Railway Modeller.

Tri Axle bogies for my US and European trucks.

Another couple of signals for the SG

Here is the scrap roads :)   Some bought as spare parts but all work just fine. So they need sound decoders as they are all still DC

I have a pretty low tolerance when I find I have acquired junk. You know that of course. This is a cheap KMart /Big W vacuum cleaner. It required two empties to vac out the Rover. Both times little rubbish but blocked filters. Now my house is tiny and has carpet in two 3m square bedrooms, rest is tiled.    I need to empty this three times to complete the house. I have asthma and hay fever and each time is a real effort as dust explodes out of the filters. The damn thing sounds powerful and yet 5 minutes after you start using it the red light comes on, as it loads up and stops sucking.
Well this does suck. So the third time I ever used it I failed to vac the House despite cleaning the filters out twice. So I put it through the Rod Young fail test. Holding the
hose I swung the thing around in the air three times and bounced it off the wall. I did this twice and could not break it. But although it passed this test with flying (helicopter??) colours it goes in the skip tomorrow..mumble ...mumble....  grumble.....

Rod Young


  1. Dear Rod
    I am interested in the VR loco shed as it looks like the one at Wahgunyah I have never heard of Model Train Building before so it was suprised to see them making VR buildings etc. are they good to deal with. I am going to Model the Springhurst to Wahgunyah + Corowa I am in the reseach phase at the moment I am trying find early photos of Wahgunyah Railway Station as it was pulled down.in the early 1960s or any info about the lines I would also like to go to a club meeting in Wodonga.Yours Sincerly Malcolm Aldridge Wangaratta

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  3. Hello Malcolm
    I answered you via email, however for anybody else I find Coolum Laser Design to be great people to deal with. Stuart has a proffessional cutting machine which is much larger than the little home units used by some other building makers. He is very quick with his email replies and even quicker mailing off your order. He is keen to help out with any problems, and is interested in listening to what you want. I believe most of the Victorian Buildings were built for customers who requested them, before being added to the catalogue. As I may already have said, I have two round houses about to be built, and both are developements of a standard design already developed. (Deleted your duplicate posts :))


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