2015_08_20 Two Days before...

2015_08_20   Chiltern

Got a phone call to attend a meeting at Chiltern, so off I went to visit the million dollar renovated Chiltern Railway Goods Shed.

Its a cafe and facility for bike trail riders. I dont think I have ever heard of it being open. I know I needed to visit the toilet when waiting, and of course the inside facilities were locked up and so were the toilets outside.  A really nice building.

After a while the reason for the meeting was revealed, and I was presented with my $400 model of Chiltern shed for my railway.  To be sure I was stunned, as it just did not look like the pictures I was sent a few weeks ago. I was dissapointed, and when I said, the pictures showed better closed gaps, and inferred that this just did not look right I got a shrug of the shoulders and shuffled feet.. I think we both should be glad my medication held,  I had paid already, and he did not seem to care that I thought the model had been switched. The stain on the roof was recognisably not in the pictures. As it turned out I stewed over it for a few days and on the way to Caulfield decided to cop it sweet, and just sell it on E-Bay for what I could get. But when I showed these pictures to friends, I was met with laughter and Ha Ha Mr Near Enough strikes again! My anger increased and I headed for the stand and was unable to have a quiet chat, as it was busy, But I did check out the display model of Chiltern, and decided that was the one in my pictures, Blood pressure rising, I left the Exhibition at went away to settle down. I must admit that my imagination got the worst of me, and my image of the shed was deteriorating as my mumblings got louder. So I let it be
When I got up after returning home (Monday) Sure I am not happy. But I attacked the paint runs with some alcohol on tips and removed the glue stain from the roof (it was a water stain, perhaps the budgie?)  and found myself looking at a shed which was no where near as bad as I had been descibing to my mates at Caulfield. However it was still a major dissapointment.

Monday addition
Here are the pictures after I cleaned up a little on the shed. I no longer wish to sell it, I will use it but I could have done a better job,myself. I paid a huge amount because I heard the builder did a good job, and probably this one was built by someone other than the one I thought had done the model.
Playing around with the Chiltern Shed

WTF?  Not sure what the ring around the chimney represents :(

These were all paint runs which i removed with a knife Ho Tennis balls ugh!

Very rough paintwork green humbrol gloss brushed on? Who does that any more? Door gap?

Massive gaps. A design flaw? Should the front overlay the side rather than this way? At least some attempt should be made to show the interlocked bricks?

Humbrol Gloss with a paint brush :(

Could not get the glue stains off completely, on the joins, but a water stain came off easily.

The roof and the cupola on top dont fit, perhaps because the sides of the building are so badly joined with huge gaps.

Gap top of cupola vents. No gutters roof adrift this end.

Bloody gloss enamel again :(

Thought it could go here with a modification to the track to leave clearance behind the shed.

It would be out of the way, but a Super Siding should be here.

This is where it will go. Wont be so bad when I relocate my JMRI computer. Just need to relocate the track a little and put another point in to allow storage for vans pushed through the shed.

Yeah  :( It was going to be the Diamond, but it quickly turned into glass beads.
Rod Young


  1. The Eltham Model Railway club bought that kit at the show sunday for $140 Now it looks like it will be a lot of work to get right.....

  2. This hobby definitely has an endless pit to throw you hard earned into Rod.



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