2015_08_24 One Day after...

2015_08_24  Back from Caulfield.

Great trip down and back. However I took the car into Melbourne..     What a mongrel of a City! its down the bottom of Victoria and the map shows an anal cavity emptying out on poor old Tassy.

Your drivers are maniacs. I had shit box mini car zooming up the inside and another up the outside. both trying to squeeze into the car length I was leaving in front to avoid piling into the car ahead as he lifted his foot of the accelerator on the floor to full weight on the brake.  You people in Melbourne are crazy, and I got to tell you I am going home to the Border to form a militia to man road blocks at Chiltern to keep you bastards out of our home towns...maniacs!! two days of hell and how come all these ratbags have P plates on? Are all the responsible people too frightened to come out on the roads these days?

Hold on need a mouthful of water to wash my medication down :(

ok why did I come here? Oh that's right to tell you I enjoyed all the chats and the camaraderie at Caulfield this year. Leave the comments on the layouts to others, enough to say they were great as usual. Favorites dead heat Maryborough and Town and Country. The new Bradford (Benalta fame) was a close second or should that be third. But that's how I see things. :) Plenty of other ones there to amaze others.

My Bank Manager has already rang me this morning, warning me of irregularities in my card accounts :(  So I must have gone even harder than ever before ;)  Not game to look yet ;(

So here is the annual booty list in picture form ;)

After starting work on Grafton, I realised that I had nothing to populate a NSW side. So Austrains provided a few 4 wheelers to at least make a showing.

Finally bought some of Ian's update kits for the Powerline S Cars

Using Trainbuilder brass parts as well as machined plastic bits and glazing.

Damn another engine I did not expect to buy. But they look so nice, don't they? This one a temporary Victorian pre 1983

Wodonga Roundhouse

Roughly in position, just got to work out the track spacing and glue it all in with scenery.

What are you saying? Wodonga did not have a roundhouse?   Well hold on, I just got it home last night, it surely will have when I do fix it in ;)

The Walther 90footer is the best I can do, its DCC and indexed. Cant wait to populate it with locomotives and lights and tools and fitters and crews   <BIG GRIN>

Bugger would not give me a cent off it either, but finally relented and bought the fuel depot because I needed the decal sheet for another job :D  Yeah right ;)

All in all their is one hell of a lot of money here for one model railway. I think it gets a better feed than I do.;)  The two engine sheds were supplied built up by Stuart Walker and I am delighted to give him my hard earned folding stuff. You can help him stay in the hobby manufacturing field too by giving him some of your hard earned as well. He is by far the best of those in this field. Find him here

Train Building Design-Laser Cutting services

Just chatting with Joe from Casula Hobbies (actually probably annoying him) when I spot this. I said that I was unsure any of these were left in the wild. He said Really? I better put the price up, and he went to take it from me, and I said no way!   Its nice. I have not got one, but do I need 3 x Walker 280's and another 2 x 153 motors with two trailers?   Duh!!

This is my own little bit of Hobsons Bay. I asked the Club if I could have it and they agreed to sell it to me. The club layout may be gone, however I have 10 point machines which will click and sing the Hobsons Bay memories for me, and each time I shunt here, I will remember all those great guys we enjoyed the company of ,all those years.

Rod Young


  1. LOL enjoyed your commentary Rod - you really parted with alot of your hard earned folding stuff!


  2. Yeah, but its only twice or perhaps three times a year. Not like visiting a hobby shop every Saturday morning, I guess. You save it all up :)


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