2015_08_28 Spring Cleaning?


Well its time to make another start (Version 34.7)

So out with the wheelbarrow, check their is room in the skip and do it!
When I moved my stuff out of storage it ended up along one side of the shed. It got added to, and it got untidy as I looked for stuff, and now I need to get it into an order that allows me to work on that side of the shed. I got a lot of stuff I will never use again, is just too difficult to store, sell or give away, but I got a skip that accepts anything without argument. All those paperbacks read over 40 years, out!!  Old magazines that will never be referenced. The Model Club and the second hand book store don't want them, and I could not give them away at the Exhibition..so out they go!

I have kept every box that arrived with my modern train stuff, I guess they will be more valuable in boxes should my survivors decide to sell the stuff after I depart this place. So they stay.
A photographic journey begins here :D

This was the front corner. I had previously removed and swept back the front wall, and here I had stacks of supposedly empty boxes stored.

So cleaned the accumulated wood off cuts, saw dust and foam from under the layout and using spare 3 ply got the stuff to sit off the floor..Hold on that top box is not empty??

Glad I don't throw my boxes away. Thought I had more goofy's!

And it did not end there. I think some folk have got too much stuff.

The corner is about cleared now. The old layout end under the cork (read field mice nesting material)
is taking up space, but will need to break it up in place or get some help out the door with it.  South Grafton station sits in front, and it will be recovered and used again.

Damn!!  I hardly made a dent in it all :(  Better get some more plastic bins.

of course this had to be sorted out from the barrow and its end at the skip.

And then this lot needs to be disassembled recovered, sorted and the rest cut up for the fire.

forgot, whilst all this was going on, I had the two new P Class on the programmer getting an updated sound scheme and I promised to video it running..better go do that now :)

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  1. Man. Your model train system made the boy in me squeal in excitement. I can only imagine the amount of memories you had with those little guys. Well, we all have to move on, apparently.

    Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies


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