2015_09_05  Ugh!! Clean up continues.

Graeme and I finished off the corner and have now cleared three bays allowing me to start construction of the new inner wall. The wall will serve two purposes. One overcome the problem of the pillars intruding into the back scenery, at the cost of losing space in between. But most importantly, taking out the heat during summer on that Western wall. Wish I had done this on the other side.

The last part of the old branch line layout was also recovered and removed. It had been occupied by rats recently and was a mess anyway. So to the tip with it. Rats have been defeated thus far by using two electronic devices. Within an hour of turning them on 6 months ago, I found two small ones running around in circles outside the building. These repellents really mess with their heads. Have not seen them in the building since, which is good news. Living in bush land settings does have its problems. Fortunately no actual damage to the railway or stored equipment has been noticed.

Need to sort through these two areas. The trestles are holding up loose screws and fixings as well as an old venetian blind, that I have removed slats from and been using as reflectors for the LED layout lighting. The second area, my military trunk from conscription days and sundry track items which all need a new storage home

Skips full :(

The last part of Bullarto to be broken up.

Now where is the Rhinosnort?
Rod Young

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  1. Hi mate, just read your blog and Wow, you have been busy.
    I must get down there soon . Well done Rod and see you at Liverpool .


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