11_11_2015 Remembrance Day in Australia


Remembrance Day in Australia

Remembrance Day in Australia is dedicated to Australians who died as a result of war, particularly from World War I onwards. A minute of silence is dedicated to the deceased, especially for soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation. Remembrance Day is annually observed on November 11 although it is not a public holiday. 

God Bless all soldiers and for the legacy they left us. 

2015_11_11 The postman called and I was waiting at the post box at 10.15 am this morning. He was late too ;)
Whilst I can manage to get at least some in focus, a picture story follows

Two bags full of ??

cany\t get it open quick enough :D

Another amazing SDS model which should be equal or better than his previous models.  SDS are now producing the best builds for Australian Modellers. Auscision were the Kings (according to some :)   But their quality slips just as Steven tries harder to provide better builds , with each lesson learned carrying on to the next model.  I think his first engine will be top of the tree too.

Out of the wrappings.. First impression?  A good weight and does not appear fragile. None of the detail was loose (except for container locks supplied in a bag in the box)

The went onto track easily, and detail stayed attached, kadees at correct height.

So where did I hide the containers all those years ago, when Steven released them and I put them into store?  Ah an hour later, I have them and my CONTRAINS train 12 JCW's long of about 1978 vintage only needs to have containers fixed in place a van on rear and a C Class up front :)

ok the fixing of containers has begun.

Good time to have a closer look at these :)

Crisp accurate lettering, although my eyes needed the picture blown up to fully appreciate it. You "younguns"  will better appreciate it, for sure.

Go on Tell me the handbrake is on Ha Ha!   Look at the brake cylinder, eh? fully released my friend ;)
The chain may rattle loose as the train runs at speed, but when the employee releases it, that is how it would always look. This is a different thing to the Powerline 48 Class hand brake chain :)

Front pins moulded in as prototype .

and rear pins need adding for a 40foot top lift container.

t'other side
brake blocks as expected. Hope Steven sells the bogies loosely.

overall top view.

and the under view.

My highest rating of  9.1 out of 10 for the nicest model out of SDS. Clearly the leader of the factories at this stage.

Mind you Auscision have a car carrier in our future, and an X Class on the water (I think?) which might tilt things back again.

Congratulations Steven. Not only for building another fine model, but for your recent take over of Austrains. I think that strategic move will also be a profitable one. I do hope that high T Class EBAY prices will help you decide to upgrade and run the Victorian T Class in the near future, with upgraded electrics.
Rod Young


  1. They are pretty good, hey. Will look fantastic as a long rake of orange and white. Of course, in '78 they really only had the large TNT logo or large Altrans, and were only just changing from painted signboard sheets to painted container corrugations. But since NSW had a fairly relaxed recoding system, you could still cover the mid-80's too!

  2. Hey Ben,
    The problem for me is that I still have steam running in late 1979. I don't recognise National Rail or Pacific National and privatisation has stalled with Great Northern in Melbourne :D
    Now as you say in my era I can run a few AllTranz, many contrans and a few TNT. Maybe a repaint and tin sheet add on signs can further fix them up, or I can swap them , I guess?
    Cheers mate and thanks for posting


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