2015_11_09 (Forgotten Post?)

2015_11_09   Just goes to show, when you are tired, best sleep on it. This post was messed up and did not appear.
Really sorry Roger :(

As was the case back in 1870 or so, the contractors have finished the goods shed ahead of the station, which is being designed as we think on this post.

"Today the new shed was handed over to the Commissioners to improve the transfer of goods between the States. The Customs Gate has been established on the Murray crossing for some time, but now excise will be levied at the new goods sheds either side of the border" (extracted from the Border Paper at the time)

In our case Roger Lloyd fresh from his mammoth task building Maryborough Station has taken on the task of building Wodonga Station.

The first brick building was installed on Monday, and scenic landscaping will be undertaken as soon as the track work is in place.
For your pleasure, I present Roger's new Wodonga Goods Shed. :D

The track is sitting on foam which makes it too high for the door. So I will cover the yard with flat underlay and cut out the track and lay that on the baseboard or on thin cork, if it will lower it enough. Roger explained that the foam would not work too :)

Just need yard lights, fire hoses and hydrants and telephones and signs to finish it off. The roof is painted red and is corrugated iron, because we think that is how it was about the time the SG went through. Modern pictures show lots of fallout giving an almost even red flavouring. So red it is ;)

The building has been accepted by the Commissioners and the cheque is in the mail :)\


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