2016_05_02 :(

 2016_05_02 So do I dare look at the "back sheets" ?
Visited this layout a couple years ago, with Graeme Schultz and it was another inspiration for me.

This site is well worth a visit.

The battle to fix up another wall continues:

The night was cold and I wonder if that has anything to do with this fiasco. But this is what I found this morning.

First look, not so bad, just the ends and join slightly lifted.

But when you get closer!   The flash on camera shows another failure :(

When we left it yesterday, it was flat and fixed. I hate to blame the product, but we have tried many different ways to glue this down, and we have failed to get it on the wall. Over $200 invested thus far.
The instructions are clear.  We followed them, and then we modified them, Now I think it might be time to cut our losses and move on.

So is that what I do next?



  1. Hi Rod,
    Been reading your blog on and off for a while and enjoy following your progress. Thanks for sharing. Have you thought of trying to either stick the sheets down and clamp until dry? Or fix to MDF flat then mount the MDF and image to the wall?

  2. G'day Rod, i think Trawny's idea may be the best option. Gluing the printed backscene to a sheet of MDF, laying it flat on the bench and place another sheet on top, grab a heap of paint tins and rest them on top applying even pressure across it.
    Give ot adequate time to dry then have a look.
    Maybe perform this task in the warmth of the household if the boss let's ya ;-)

  3. Thanks fellas, You might be right. Developments are that
    the sheets seem to be expanding and shrinking, probably because of temperature changes ?? I am wondering if I seal it with satin clear, if it will stop all this rot?
    Cheers and thanks


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