2016_10_21 Continues..last thoughts?

2016_10_21 Addendum

Close up of area to move lever frame into. Just box it out and build scenery around it.

Pic 2/

Thinking about extending this end another module and fitting a small turntable in place, maybe a cattle race and silo?  Moving the modules North did not cause too many problems this end.
This picture and the next one show the SG track hidden in the rear and how much it has dropped even at 1.5 % gradient.

Obviously this out rigger could have been higher, blocking vision to Albury yard underneath. Will look at it when I finish this level, start working on lower level

All screwd and glued and tight level construction.

Honeysuckle is actually only clamped into position. I am going to get Tony to come visit and help sort through the wiring, before we screw it all down for the last time


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