2016_10_21 Continue connecting it up (new territories)

2016_10_21 Al and I spend another day on the Branch.

Continuing on from yesterday, we now connect Honey Suckle and Bowser  via the trestle bridge.

Picture 1/
shows that we have four tracks (one on lower level) all coming off  the North wall  and entering West wall. The first track, was the hidden SG track on a 1.5% max descent to the new helix  which enables train to  enter Abury yard from Sydney direction.

Picture 2/

Making sure the trestle is in position and level.
The front of box removed. I may remove rear as well, but hoping scenery and foam will fill in the ground and creek.

Picture 3/
We had to build frames and add supports under the track to support it all.

Picture 4/
You can see the wood colour change where the two branch tracks join, to enter the junction and then Honeysuckle. The rear track is dead level, and the front track a short 2%. off the trestle.

Picture 5/
Going to move the lever frame off the top and fit it into scenery near yellow clamps.  Calling Tony!!
Might have to find out how to electrify the points and connect the frame electrically rather than by rods and levers as is now. To right of clamps is where the junction will bring two lines into station.

Ok y'all
And thanks to Al for motivation, great suggestions and pushing me along. Two very good days indeed :)

Note for the day! You cannot have too many clamps. Count them, over 30 and still not enough. You cant have too many pencils...  Hidden around here are 7 sharp pencils and one blunt one. Guess which one you find all the time?
You need more than one battery drill. Two is cool, three better and four about optimum. But where are all the drill bits and screw driver bits?

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