2020_02_05 Still pro...............

2020_02_05 Trying to tidy up one more time

 Nearly there!    Nice to see you again Wodonga :D

And so two things were needed. More space so lets get rid of the computer?
But where to?
The tray under the desk top was taken out to make room for the armrests on chair. The tray hung too low.
So I cut the sides of the slide down and lifted the tray about 2 inches. This left just enough room for the lap top, and more room for my knees underneath, whilst sitting at the correct height. Good job done here.

Ok that works for me. See the handy storage box lower right?  $13.98 at Bunnings!

Took a little more than  an hour to build and install and like I thought at Bunnings, it was exactly the right size for this space.
In addition it stored most of my unfinished projects.



  1. Doesn't matter how much space you think you have Rod, the modelling bench usable area eventually shrinks to about 1 square foot. It is some quirk of the laws of thermodynamics. This only happens when you are actively modelling, and I am glad you are making progress. It is good to see Wodonga again.

  2. Isn't that the truth, Rob.


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