2010 July 16

2010 July 16  Friday  (Page 17 of 35)

Long time in between visits eh? :shock:

Well clean up day started yesterday and extended into today. packed away finished projects and a lot of unfinished ones too. Cleaned up the aisles to make more work room.
Purchased some extra fluoro lights and finally got the Helix area properly lit. And started working on the Helix once again. Found I had not allowed room between the inner track and the uprights, so removed two yards of track, and started relaying it once again, this time within the clearances.

I purchased a model of Grafton South (?) station which is 27 feet long and a maximum 4 feet wide (1.22 m)
I am contemplating using this in stead of the Coal siding I originally thought of building. It looks impressive in the pictures, and will save me a heap of time, if it fits as I think it will. Will have to drive up to Newcastle to pick it up.

Also lost my way a bit and purchased a Southern Pacific AC4 Cab Forward. This Paragon 2 Plastic Locomotive has smoke and sound matched to the piston strokes, and the smoke unit is air pumped out to sequence the rest.
I hope it is as good as they claim :)

I also was able to increase the 4 wheel rolling stock by 4 B Vans, and am still waiting on 10 others (variety) from Cory.
I will also get 6 L's built and another ZL. That will just about finish me off for 4 wheelers. hmm I don't have any I wagons, water gins of fuel tanks... maybe a few more.


2010 August 12 Thursday

Have not been that well lately, having trouble activating myself, to overcome some problems that are holding it up. Hopefully soon

 2010 August 24  Tuesday

Actually spent a few days away and went to Melbourne via Bendigo.
Spent a couple hours at Caulfield, and had an enjoyable time helping to operate Broadford at the Exhibition.

Operated a BG wheat train with 25 hoppers and a pass train on a Digitrax 400, one on each throttle, some changes every 5 laps or so, and managed to prevent any collisions. :mrgreen:
Purpose was to keep something out front all the time, and was happy that I could do just that. Broadford is being temporarily retired to Bendigo, where it will be rebuilt, hopefully with working signals and electric point motors. We will have the yards at Broadford working correctly, we hope.
We had major troubles with derailments causing shorts, stopping the whole show!! :cry:
I hope to introduce the club to the 21 watt light bulb circuit protection method I am using here at my layout. It works well !!


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