2013 November 15 (Continues)

2013 November 15 (Continues)

Ok So these are the rest of the pictures Enjoy ;)

 Goodness!!  Instructions...

16 pages of them and this is going to take some time, and it did too ;)

So next thing to do is get it out of the plastic. Time to head for the Train Room.......

Several hours later, here are the pictures and a video too if I can load it...

Two things to watch out for. The footplate linking loco and tender snapped when I lifted it up to plug the power through to the tender. I suspect it was snapped during assembly, and it is so fragile, I will not ask for a replacement. Rather glue a wire to the underside and use it to pivot in the hinges.

After a second or two an air pop sounds and the loco moves into neutral mode and all the extra sounds are played, such as ash pan shake, compressor etc.  You cannot move the loco in this mode, but eventually I started to understand the instructions. Just double click F6 and a double pop will tell you are back in primary mode and the loco will move off :)

The headlight is in low beam and when you go to run 1 it goes high.

Unfortunately their are no working marker lights or other lights, even red lights on the tender. The tender markers are a bit bizarre as well.

The sounds are as awfull as we guessef they would be.

The whistle is not the R whistle, more like a modified 38 to my poor ears.
The chuff is nothing like an R Chuff.
Overall I like what I have, and i will sell the sound chip after Mike gets his Loksound R Class working a little better.

about 6 out of 10 for me.  Marker lights and better sound would have made it a 8 1/2.
 Properly blackened buffers and wheels easily would have added 1 point more as well
ps I am not disappointed. I like what I received, and the standard is better than I thought we would get. I am not a rivet counter. So more will be told in the next few days, I am certain

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