2013 Nov 15

2013 Nov 15
Today on the eve of my 68th Birthday at 10,33 am I got a call from the Post Master! My parcel had arrived!!

I am a little frightened to open it up :( After all three of my friends died without ever seeing their model.
I wonder if others will die of fright when they open their model? Just think it was 8 years since this was announced and the 8th anniversary of my Visa Payment will be in mid January 2014

Will I open it?  or wait till I have someone home with me?

I think I need to go shopping, the pantry is bare. I will think about it whilst I am in Wodonga


  1. ahhh , R, Ahhh. Verbal models actually have them. Damn- now we will have to think of something else !

  2. Wouldn't go around advertising your address, Rod...


  3. G'Day Paul
    I thought about it, but then we do have protection :)


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