2013 November 15 (continues)

2013 November 15 (continues)

Just a couple more to finish off I guess.

The first pic shows the two R Class coupled.
The front coupling has a tiny shank about 3 mm long which is pinned to a clevis and swings aside just like the real one. Unfortunately their is no link coupling provided.
This head is a plastic dummy of similar dimensions to the popular KD. It does hold a coupling but you need to muck around a bit to get them to close. I found it easier to bring the KD coupling up underneath. I have broad curves and nothing smaller than No6 points. It appears to run nicely with no derailments.

When I wanted to put couplings on the motor end of my DERM's, I used a Euro type KD conversion coupling that had a head almost eaxtly the same as Eureka's dummy one. I think I might try to replace them with this one to make DCC coupling a little more realistic


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  1. G'day Rod, The coupling on the front of the R class is exactly what I was banging on about around 6 to 12 months ago as regards the AD60 class Garratts from Eureka. If they could just make a "drop-in" that has a section of buffer beam with lug to mount onto one of the threaded holes and the same "visible" arrangement as the R class; that would be great! With regards to the idea of using the European NEM Kadee to replace the dummy on your Rs, that should work very well AND will bring the height up a tad too (the dummy looks to be a fraction too low when compared to the tender of the front R class. Good luck with it mate. Bill Roach


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