2015_10_10 Part 2 Hanging the paper..

2015_10_10 Part 2

Well it isn't easy, but we all knew that.
We did not follow advice from friends here in Australia. All the advice was to "size" the walls and use liquid (not powder mix) wall paper glue and hang it as if it was wall paper.

When we asked about the special glue sold in England we were advised to use top quality 3M Spray Adhesive, because Australians seem to have better success with that (Perhaps because Aussies don't wall paper any more??)

Any way the rules for the newbies that we did follow.
Use a string line to guarantee the level of the top edge (Check with Spirit Level)
Fit in place and trim the bottom if necessary When you are happy....
Apply adhesive on the paper and it is a two man job. You get about 3 chances to peel it back off.

Line up edge with second person checking his height without sticking on if possible then spread the paper out from one end to the other. If the paper still folds into a bubble, gently peel it off and start from the bubble and fix it up. 

We had a few messy bits but we decided we did not have another peel back left. We can fix those bits with a spray gun after.
So here are the pictures...   I am so pleased we were able to do those.
Thanks Graeme for lending me your eyes, your back and your great advice. I think you were happy, and ready to go on your own one day :)


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